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Welcome to the LAVC 学生健康中心

The Los Angeles Valley College Student 健康与福利 Center is operated by Via Care. Currently enrolled students who pay their Semester Health Fee, (proof of payment is required for first visit), have access to Medical and Behavioral Health Services. Call (818) 947-2918 to schedule an appointment. Make sure to mention your are a Los Angeles Valley College Student.  WALK-INS are welcomed as long as scheduling allows.

NARCAN and FENTANYL testing strips now available. 

学生健康中心 offers free Narcan (naloxone), 阿片类逆转药物, 还有芬太尼试纸. 校园阿片类药物安全法,参议院法案,SB 367, Hurtado. Student safety: opioid overdose reversal medication requires that California Community Colleges offer opioid overdose reversal medication.  议会法案,AB 461,拉莫斯. Student safety: fentanyl test strips, This bill requires that each community college provide information about the use and location of fentanyl test strips. 请看YouTube视频 注射纳洛酮 to gain the knowledge and skills needed to prevent opioid related deaths by using Naloxone. Contact the 学生健康中心 (818) 947-2918 for more information.

Services Covered Under the Semester Health Fee

Services at the Health Center include In-Person General Medicine and Behavioral Health

  • First aid care
  • 小病治疗
  • Physical exams
  • COVID-19测试
  • 行为保健
  • 节育处方
  • 紧急节育
  • IUDs & implants
  • Tampons & pads
  • 怀孕测试
  • Women's health
  • 推荐LGBTQ+服务
  • STI & HIV testing & counseling
  • PEP & PrEP
  • Condoms
  • 物质使用障碍服务
  • Flu shots
  • Vaccinations
  • 血压筛查
  • 实验室服务
  • Glucose test

LAVC students have access to in-person Mental Health services with Via Care at the 学生健康中心 or on-line with TimelyCare. 

Experienced Behavioral Therapists and Counselors can assist students in managing concerns about...

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • 家庭或关系冲突

All services previously listed are covered by your student health fee. For services not covered by the health fee, Via Care accepts:
• Medi-Cal
• MyHealthLA
• FamilyPact
Insurance enrollment assistance is also available by calling (323) 268-9191. Visit 通过Care网站 了解更多信息.

Review check-in procedures prior to your visit. The 学生健康中心 continues to follow the safety guidelines in managing patient access, 保持个人距离, and mandating wearing masks inside the 学生健康中心. We recommend bringing the completed 英语VC入学包 form on your first visit. This is not a requirement, you can request and fill out the form at the center.  


Via Care社区医疗保健

Operators of the LAVC 学生健康中心. For more information about the company visit 通过Care网站.


Students may choose to get on-line 24/7 Emotional Support from TimelyCare. Users can read bios from a wide selection of clinicians with diverse ethnicities and cultures and select the therapist of their choice. Services are provided in multiple languages. In addition to therapy users have access to wellness tools such as mindfulness activities, yoga videos, 和健康之旅. TimelyCare is now accessible on any Canvas course through the Student Portal. Timelycare can also be accessed on a browser or by downloading the app. For assistance, please call Timelycare at 833-4-TIMELY, (833-484-6359).  View 及时护理演示视频

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Monday to Thursday: 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Holidays
学生会大楼. 一楼(餐厅旁)



Phone: (818) 947-2911

服务反馈: @email